Some Frequently Asked Questions

It’s totally up to you, you can:
– Give us a key.
– Give us a code to the garage door or other door.
– Leave a key under the mat or somewhere else.
– Leave the door open.
– Stay at home when cleaners arrive

The answer is “It depends.” There are several factors that determine the price for cleaning. This includes: square footage, number of bathrooms, current condition of the home, and whether there are any hair-shedding pets.

We gladly accept Cash, Check, or any other online payments system for our house cleaning services.

We are following all CDC guidelines to minimize the risk to you or to our cleaners. This includes:
– Wearing gloves and masks.
– No fever or illness (coughs, colds etc) policy.
For the safety of our cleaners, we are asking all clients to let us know immediately should you or a family member feel unwell. We will gladly reschedule your appointment.
– Social Distancing.
– Disinfection

Yes! We want you to be absolutely happy with your cleaning service. If there is ever a problem please call us within 24 hours and we will send someone back to fix the areas that needed additional attention.

If this happens, the cleaner will leave a note for you and contact our office. Our office will then reach out to you and determine the best course of action to rectify the situation. We carry full liability insurance for this purpose. When you begin working with us, you will be asked to point out and list any items of extreme value or items that are irreplaceable (eg. family heirlooms, antique items, etc). It most cases we will not clean those items to be safe.

Nope, we bring all cleaning supplies and tools needed to clean your home.